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Commercial Architectural Projects, page 2 of 4:

Our MD has been offered to design Portuguese Pavilions for the EXPO'98 World Trade Show. In 1995, he received an offer to lead team of architects and engineers for the Belas Campo Golf resort development. In 2002 he was approved for the executive level, GS-0808-15, US federal positions (the highest professional rank for the Management positions in the USA).

Abu Dhabi mixed use commercial center (office, retail and health spa))

World Trade Center
The $550 million World Trade Center, Turkey - with MYA


Religious Center
Religious and Cultural Center in Boston, MIT-AIA awarded project
theme: form, structure and daylight as creative media

Expo Hall
Convention and Trade Center, Schutow Commercial and Industrial Development

The Architectural Commercial Projects are grouped in 6 categories:  main page, commercial, hospitality, residential, religious and education/mixed projects. This selection, Commercial Architecture, contains 4 pages: main, commercial, hospitality and mixed projects. Use hyperlinks below to move to next page within this topic, and left margin buttons to switch between the main Services.

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